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Submitting an OER

For those of you that chose Module II as your intensive module you will be submitting an OER to an open access repository so that other educators and students can benefit from the teaching resources you’ve created.

  • In preparation for next semester as an individual or in collaboration with professors teaching the same or similar courses, submit a resource on an OER repository like Academic Works AND/OR create an open source webpage on Academic Commons or OER Commons to deliver free open digital resources (videos, assignments, labs, documents) you’ve created or incorporated into your courses during the pandemic and move to digital learning.
  • Please contact Dr. Samuel Finesurrey samuel.finesurrey@guttman.cuny.edu for further guidance on the best repository for the unique OER you will be submitting.
  • By Sunday 1/23 schedule a time to meet one-on-one with OER Accessibility Coordinator Lauren Capellan lauren.capellan@guttman.cuny.edu to clear OER materials for accessibility before submission.
  • Send the link for the newly created OER by Tuesday 3/1 to Dr. Amy Beth amy.beth@guttman.cuny.edu.