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What New With OERs?

Retroactive Accessibility Conversion

  • In Fall 2021 OER Accessibility Coordinator Lauren Capellan spent extensive time with the AMST faculty to ensure the content delivered to students is digestible for a diverse community of undergraduates.¬†
  • For those of you that choose OER as your intensive topic for this PD, you will be asked to work with Lauren on ensuring your materials are accessible before submitting them to an OER repository.
  • As a refresher, here is the link for the OER Accessibility Training. Useful to ensure the materials you produce for classes are accessible.

Empowering Students to Select ZTCs Registration Initiative 

  • The OER team created this video that will be presented to incoming students during Bridge.¬†
  • We encourage faculty/staff to become ambassadors of OER materials by showing this to your students when registration opens each semester.