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Sharing a Digital Resource

Sharing a Digital Resource

  • Since the start of the pandemic, Guttman faculty have created extensive digital contents from innovative syllabi, labs and assignments to original readings, articles and video lectures.

By Thursday 1/20…

  • We ask that you submit at least one teaching resource that you created in the past two years on the Sharing Digital Resources discussion board. This resources should be something that you are willing to make “Open”. 
  • It can be something small like a homework assignment, something more ambitious like a reading you wrote for your students or a resource from an open access repository like Academic Commons. 
  • If you do not yet have a resource, please create a resource that could be made open access in preparation for the Spring II semester.

How to Submit:

    • Go to the discussion board Sharing a Digital Resource.
    • Title your discussion post with your last name and the course for which the OER was–will be–used. (Beth, LIBR 100, Information Research)
    • Write a brief description, no longer than a few sentences, about the resource you are submitting.
    • In a few sentences explain the reception the OER received–or your hope for how it will be received–from students.
    • Attach the resource to your post or paste the appropriate link.
    • Write whether your resource has been made public and reviewed by OER Accessibility Coordinator Lauren Capellan. If you haven’t yet contacted Lauren, she is available to meet one-on-one to revise your resource for accessibility. FREE HELP!