Welcome to Module 2: Facilitating the Production and Identification of Open Educational Resources

This week we will consider how to make the digital teaching resources we’ve created over the past two years open to our collegues at Guttman and elsewhere. All of the information for this module can be found on our Academic Commons paga and within the Discussions tab.

Module 2 Units

  • What’s new with OERs at Guttman
  • Identifying OERs you’ve already created
  • Identifying OERs created at Guttman and elsewhere in the past two years.

What to do:

  • Review and consider the effort to make Guttman-produced OER accessible and the initiative to empower students to select zero-textbook cost courses. 
  • By Thursday 1/20 post on the Sharing Digital Resources discussion board a digital resource you created with a brief discription of the potential OER and its impact–or anticipated impact–in your course. Please comment on the post of a colleague in a related field.
  • Search for relevant OER among your collegues posts and through CUNY oriented OER respositories.
  • By Sunday 1/23 Post Reflection on Exploring Existing OER discussion board on what’s new and innovative and how you might open up your teaching resources for other educators. Please comment on the post of a colleague in a related field.
  • Submit an OER to a repository as an individual or as a group of educators teaching the same course. By Sunday 1/23 schedule a one on one with OER Accessibilty Coordinator Lauren Capellan lauren.capellan@guttman.cuny.edu before submitting. (Optional/Intensive)

Don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.

Samuel Finesurrey, samuel.finesurrey@guttman.cuny.edu

Amy Beth, amy.beth@guttman.cuny.edu

Lauren Capellan, lauren.capellan@guttman.cuny.edu